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You have read stories in books or watched movies where the plot evolves around a will. If the main character has a big estate to divide between the ones left behind, there is some reaction when it comes to who got which part of the property or the estate. In real life, however, those who passed on without a will would have properties that are subject to complex Intestacy laws so you will basically have no say as to which part of your estate will go to which member of the family. This just goes to show how important it is to make your will. No matter how small you think your estate might be, if you have your own house, you might be surprised at the actual value of property that will be left behind.

Why It Pays to Make Your Will

As you may already know, a will is also called the Last Will and Testament which indicates how you would like your estate to be managed in the event of your death. Your estate includes any property under your name, your personal effects, the proceeds from your life insurance policies, your work benefits, pensions, etc.

To give you an idea about why it pays to make your will, take a look at the following benefits:

Make Your Will: What A Will Needs To Cover

Being the legal document that it is, there is a standardised pattern as to what your will should contain. In the following section, we will take a look at how you can make one inexpensively. Meanwhile, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind once you make your will so that it will be recognised by the law.

First of all, the document should be as detailed as possible, but without using too complex terms. In Scotland, the legal age that a will may be made is 12 while in England, North Ireland and Wales you should be at least 18 years of age before you can make a will.

Second, you should have a confirmation that the will is legal. The document should be in writing so it can be handwritten, typed or printed. Legalizing the document is all about having two witnesses sign the will after affixing your signature. These two witnesses should not be related to you at all; neither can they be one of the beneficiaries on your will. After the document is created and signed, hide it for safekeeping but let your solicitor or closest loved one know where it is kept.

How To Make Your Will On A Budget

One more thing – is there a way to make your will inexpensively? Some people put off this task as long as possible simply because they think that making one will require them to hire a solicitor and go through complex legalities. But as mentioned earlier, you only need to follow the proper format in creating the document and have it signed by two witnesses. If you have no idea about how to write a will, simply go online and look for ready-made will templates which can be bought inexpensively. By doing so, you could not say that you had no control about how your estate will be managed after your death, because the will becomes your voice in case something unfortunate happens.

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