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About Making A Will

Everyone would like to think of themselves as young, healthy and in the prime of life. However, death is a reality that you would have to deal with eventually. In case it unexpectedly knocks on your door, are you prepared to leave your loved ones behind? The best way to care for them in the event of your death is to make a will.

Your last will and testament is a legal document which indicates your wishes as to how your estate will be managed in the event of your death. Your estate includes any valuable property which is under your name, your house, all the items inside your home, your cash, savings accounts, pension, benefits from life insurance plans, as well as your personal effects. If you want to have control over who gets which part of your estate in case something unfortunate happens, then you need to create and regularly update your will.

Where to Get A Sample of a Will

Being the legal document that it is, you may not necessarily be familiar with how an actual will is written. The good news is that there are several sources from where you can see a sample of a will, including the following:

The Internet
When you go online, there are plenty of sites from where you can get sample of a will. They are available at really low rates, especially once you compare the costs to hiring the services of a solicitor. Using online will templates is applicable for most individuals or couples without complicated arrangements. You can find out how to make a will online on the home page.

There are many law-oriented books where you can see a sample of a will. Aside from wills, they also have living trust and living forms which you can access for free. Just make sure that the sample of a will that you’ll end up using applies to your situation.

You can also hire the services of a solicitor in order to make your will. This is recommended for individuals who have a huge estate to leave behind, as well as those with complex personal circumstances.

What A Sample of a Will Should Include

To give you an idea about how a will should look like, here is an outline of a sample of a will which you can use as reference:

For the introduction, you simply need to state your name and your intention in declaring the document to be your will. The next section includes your family information. For example, if you are married, you should state that the references to my wife are indicating the name of your spouse. You should also mention the names of your children.

Under the pre-residuary gifts, you can make a list of the specific wishes that you have on how your assets would be divided in the event of your death. In the next section, specify how part of your estate will be distributed to the beneficiary. For instance, if you would like your son to inherit your house, you can state there that he can only gain full control of it once he reaches the age of 21. It is also important to state who your executor would be, which is the person to manage the distribution of your estate as indicated in your will.

This is just a sample outline. The specific sentences and sections used in the will depend on your personal circumstances and the scope of assets that you have. After making the document, sign it in front of two witnesses. Their signatures should also be affixed in the document, and these witnesses should not be related to you nor mentioned as one of the beneficiaries in your will.

Download A Sample Of A Will Online

Rather than hiring a solicitor, the cheapest way to make a will is to use an online template. There are a range of templates available that are prepared by professional solicitors, which you can purchase very cheaply online.

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